Do things your way

This type of account is designed for students of any level (undergraduate and postgraduate). The charges are at the lowest, and as a student, you just need the minimum balance to run your account with no annual fees collected from your account.

With this account, students can shop globally, buy books/researches/audio-visual materials, subscribe to scientific and specialized magazines, buy courses, attend workshops, and pay education fees.

Students with this type of account type can access our micro and students’ financing products.


The Student Current Account provides the following benefits:

  • A widely accepted means of payment where you can pay Groceries, shops, Restaurants, Government agencies, transport companies, hotels, Universities, TV companies, Schools, etc.
  • 50 leafs checkbook.
  • MasterCard Debit Card (Student rates to apply).
  • Ability to shop online with MasterCard and PayPal
  • No yearly ledger fees required
  • Automated digital bank statement sent on a monthly basis.
  • Convenient and reliable incoming & outgoing payments/remittances through Swift and other remittance channels and payment gateways.
  • Convenient bill payments (Water, Electricity, TVs, Schools, Universities, Visa, Business license, taxes, and other government duties, etc.)
  • Free access to our Economic updates, Business advice, workshops, and forums
  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • SMS notifications of all transactions hitting your account
  • With us, your fingerprint is your ID. This is true for the services delivered through both branches and digital channels
  • Eligibility for students’ financing products
  • No minimum account opening balance is required
  • No minimum account operating balance is required
  • Full access to our agents across the nation.


  • Valid, certified copy of National ID, passport or any other ID document approved by the Central Bank of Somalia
  • The physical address of the customer
  • Proper declaration and documentation of the customer’s source/volumes of income, nature of business and purpose of account opening
  • Two passport size recent photos of the individual