We care about your privacy

As you use this website, its custom extensions, mobile applications or gain access to the products through the online application forms and questionnaires, MyBank and its affiliates may have access to customer’s private information, including their confidential information.

MyBank is passionately dedicated to maintaining customers’ privacy and has taken every required precaution to safeguard the privacy of the information of its customers, including how it is transmitted through the internet. It will not be held responsible if any personal information is disclosed, especially when it is subject to the commitment of confidentiality or the following of any agreement with customers.

The security of the information the customer provides is ensured and protected by MyBank. The present encryption level permitted in Somalia, which is 128-bit encryption, is what MyBank uses to transmit information. When the customer’s information is not conveyed via the encryption, the system of the customer (if it has the right configuration) will display a message, making sure that the customer’s information has the best level of confidentiality.

It is required of the customer to work with MyBank to ensure the safety of the information they have provided. MyBank also advise that customers carefully select passwords so that a third party cannot have access to their account without permission. It is advisable that the customer incorporates a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters (such as !, #, $, @ etc) to increase the strength of the password and make it difficult for others to guess. The password should not be disclosed to any other person, whether written or recorded in any form or place where it can be accessed by a third party.

MyBank will not reveal the customer’s information to anyone unless it is required to. MyBank will adhere to requirements made by the law or conform to legal procedure. Ensure the protection and defense of MyBank’s right, and that of its affiliates, properties and interests.

Ensure that the Terms and Conditions of its services and products are adhered to. The interest of MyBank and that of its Affiliates, constituents, members as well as others should be protected.

There shouldn’t be any disclosure of any information concerning MyBank or its affiliates on the part of the customer through any means at all, especially, private information gotten through access to the services from the website. It shall be considered a serious breach of agreement if any customer fails to comply with this obligation. A violation of this will cause a termination of the services rendered by MyBank or its affiliates to the customer without bias to whatever damages the customer may sustain.

In a bid to render better services to the customer, MyBank will reduce the amount of information is collected and used to a level of necessity only. The information the customer provides can be used by MyBank and shared with its affiliates and third parties to render services and any activity that involves rendering a service like gathering fees for subscription to such services and informing or getting in touch with customers concerning any issue as regards the termination of such services due to expiration. In this case, disclosure of customer’s information to one or more of MyBank’s contractors, sub-contractors or agents may be needed and it will be required of sub-contractors to comply with the usage of information gotten from MyBank for those purposes only.

Cookie policy

The website of MyBank makes use of a web analytics service that Google provides. Google Analytics uses cookies, and files of text in which are contained little amounts of information. The information contained in cookies do not include private information, but the information is downloaded to your device when you log on to a website so as to enable the site personalize your browsing experience. There are various things done by cookies. They include enabling users navigate pages efficiently while remembering what they like to browse about, thus, providing a better browsing experience in general. Information is gathered by these cookies on how a website is used by a user. for example, pages that are visited often. Every information third party cookies gather is collective and hence anonymous. Users therefore have to consent to these kinds of cookies being placed in their devices by making use of our website. Users have the freedom to delete or disable the cookies by adjusting the settings on their web browser.

MyBank will not be held responsible for the placement of cookies in any user’s device by any other website and information gathered.

MyBank is permitted by the customers to share, exchange or give away every information related to the customers’ history of transaction and details to its affiliates/financial institutions/agencies/banks/credit bureaus / and also take part in any electronic clearing network or telecommunication as may be needed by law, credit reporting, statistical analysis, credit scoring, customary practice, risk management and verification.

MyBank will not be held responsible for disclosing any of this information.