Diaspora Banking

MyBank’s Diaspora banking which is designed precisely for customers living abroad creates an opportunity for customers to access the array of products and services we offer conveniently, safely and easily while catering for their banking needs.

Diaspora banking creates an excellent opportunity for those who are in abroad to gain access to a wide range of financial products and services to cater to their specific needs in convenience and safety.

Inclusive in these are diaspora financing products, investment accounts and current accounts for daily transactions for those in the diaspora.

Account types

  • Current account.
  • Fixed (time) deposit account

Benefits of Diaspora accounts

  • Local payment
  • To transfer money to the diaspora account of other people or organization.
  • Payments to the bank (if any).
  • As collateral for bidding and obtaining loans
  • If the owner of the account so wishes, the bank will return the deposit.
  • Benefit diaspora homes package which allows you build your retirement home in Somalia.

How can i open my Diaspora account?

Please contact one of our agents Click here  to request your diaspora account.