Abdullahi Nour Awdini


A highly knowledgeable, skilled and motivated banker, real estate guru and entrepreneur, with 20 years experience in the financial industry and 40 years experience in the trade.

Mr. Abdullahi occupied the position of the Regional Director of a leading bank for the past 18 years. He has a degree in business management. Prior to joining the financia industry, Mr. Abdullahi was and still is a very successful businessman with business interests in real estate, Telecommunications, Livestock and Energy sectors.

He grew the bank he led almost from nothing to number one bank in Somalia when asset book is considered.

Abdulrazak Mohamed Ahmed

Director and CEO

Abdulrazak is a greatly skilled and knowledgeable business leader with a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance and a Bachelors Degree in business administration.

He has experience in different areas of expertise including being a Lecturer, Secretary, Human Resource Manager, a Marketing Manager, Head of Operation among other positions. Starting off as a Manager back in 2004, he holds a total of 15 years work history.

He was among the key managers who started two banks from zero balance sheet to a mult-million dollar assset book.

Ahmed Mohamud Abdi


Mr. Abdi is considered among the most committed, successful and respected business people in Somalia.

He has a very long experience in foodstuf trading, services sector, and Real estate. His business footprint scatters over all of southern Somalia as well is it crosses the national borders to the neighboring countries like Kenya and Ethiopia.

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed


Enthusiastic and with a strong sense of commitment, Mohamed is able to demonstrate himself as a highly ambitious, confident and selfmotivated person with a strong drive to achieve and to develop personal and professional development.

He has an energetic approach to business, a keen commercial mind and the tenacity to see initiatives through to completion. Mohamed began his career as an Operations Manager back in 1998 and now is a Director at a Community College. He holds a total of 21 years work history.

Abdikarim Ali Mohamed


An entrepreneur and a business leader with 23 years in trading experience, Abdikarim is an allround business expert in formation operation, finance, and management.

He is a strategist, business needs analyst and a visionary in product management, not only tailoring products to customer needs, but also creating the need itself. He is also a business coach in effective business communication, a motivator in building strong knowledge-based business practices and the development of long term business relations with customers and suppliers.

Abdikarim has worked in different areas of expertise, for a total of 49 years, starting off as an Arabic language teacher back in 1970.

Kingdom Honour Certificate for Exceptional Leadership (2001), King Khalid National Guard Hospital Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.