Integrating our core banking system with the accounting systems of the schools, colleges, and universities is one of the ways we help educational institutions get paid efficiently.

The integrated platforms enable our customers to directly push payments from their accounts to the school accounts. This automatically updates the school accounting system by marking the concerned student fees as “paid” which saves time and efforts for the student as well as the school/university management and parents


  • 50 leafs checkbook.
  • Free electronic school/University management system, training, and technical support so that your school/university can integrate with our banking systems
  • POS machine
  • Availability of E-commerce platform and bills collection systems
  • Automatically sent digital bank statement on a monthly basis
  • Convenient and reliable incoming & Outgoing payments/remittances through Swift and other remittance channels and payment gateways.
  • Free standing orders set up, amendment and processing
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS notifications of all transactions hitting your account
  • Easy, 24/7 live chat with the bank support team through our website, WhatsApp and other Social Media platforms
  • Salaries processing and payroll management
  • Assigned relationship manager
  • Eligibility for different financing products