The Biller Current Account is a unique account that provides the billers with a convenient and efficient way of bills’ collection including electricity, water, telephone, and any other bills.

Through our digital platforms and e-channels, your customers can directly push payments from their accounts to your company account and – by extension – update your billing system with their transactions.


  • 50 leafs checkbook
  • POS machine
  • Availability of E-commerce platform and bills collection systems
  • Automatically sent digital bank statement on monthly basis
  • Convenient and reliable incoming & outgoing payments/remittances through Swift and other remittance channels and payment gateways.
  • Free standing orders set up, amendment and processing
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS notifications of all transactions hitting your account
  • Easy, 24/7 live chat with the bank support team through our website, WhatsApp and other Social Media platform
  • Salaries processing and payroll management
  • Assigned relationship manager
  • Eligibility for different financing products